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Horror Movie Cleanse: Dead Silence

Dead Silence is the story of Jamie Ashen. Following the arrival of an unusual package at their front door that contained a doll, Jamie’s wife Lisa is found dead in their home. He returns back to his home town to bury his wife—a town that has a saying that sounds like a warning about not screaming if you see the face of Mary Shaw, a deceased ventriloquist. Jamie is estranged from his wealthy father, who’d recently had a stroke and was now remarried to a young woman named Ella. At least that is what Ella would have everyone believe. Continue reading

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Needful Quotes

The following are quotes from Stephen King’s Needful things. “At fifty-one you had to keep running just to escape the avalanche of your own past.” (p. 99) “Brian had uncovered one of the great truths of small towns: many secrets—in … Continue reading

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