Horror Movie Cleanse: Open Grave

The following is in response to the film Open Grave, written by Eddie Borey and Chris Borey and starring Sharlto CopleyThomas Kretschmann, and Josie Ho.

open grave

Tagline: “The moment you wake up, the nightmare begins.”

This film from 2013 is filled with action from the moment the main character wakes up in an huge pit—an open grave full of dead bodies. As if that weren’t bad enough, he doesn’t remember who he is or how he got there. Making his way out the open grave, he discovers a house with five others who are suffering from the same amnesia. The group figures out some of their names by their driver licenses; there is Nathan, Sharon, Michael, Lukas, an unnamed Asian woman that can’t speak English, and our hero Jonah (though we technically don’t find out his name until later). What I found interesting from the beginning is that even though these characters don’t remember who they are or why they are there, their bodies know how to do the things that they used to. For example, Jonah and Nathan both know how to read Latin and Michael is a wiz with firearms.

As the film progresses, we come to find out that Jonah and the group were conducting research to find a cure for a disease that has plagued the world outside their secluded, wooded area. They were on the verge of perfecting the cure, using the Asian woman’s blood, when everything went sour. When Nathan, who is actually Jonah’s brother, forgets to lock up the infected, a outbreak occurs. They are able to make it back to the house and inject themselves with the antidote, but the injection gives them amnesia. Just as they are beginning to remember what happened, the military comes in to kill the infected—targeting Jonah and the group as well.

Living Characters

This film features a dystopian world, mass open graves, and a fatal disease. That in and of itself is an interesting plot. Add characters that have amnesia and you have yourself an even more thrilling story line. Viewers are usually given information at the beginning of the film or it is trickled throughout the entire movie, but in Open Grave the viewers learn what is going on alongside the characters on screen. For these reasons I give Open Grave five out of five stars.


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