Horror Movie Cleanse: Annabelle Creation

The following is in response to the film Annabelle Creation, written by Gary Dauberman and starring Anthony LaPagliaSamara Lee, and Miranda Otto.

annabelle creation

Tagline: “You don’t know the real story.”

Annabelle Creation is the story of Janice, one out of a group of orphaned girls. Though none of the girls have a family, Janice is the outcast of the group because she is a polio survivor and uses crutches to walk. With no place to go, the Mullins take in the group of girls and their caretaker Sister Charlotte. What the girls don’t know is that the Mullins once had a daughter of their own, Annabelle. Annabelle, often referred to as Bee, was killed in a roadside accident twelve years prior to the story that is now unfolding. Though the house is old and Esther Mullins is mysteriously confined to her bed, Janice and the other girls have a normal experience in their new home. However, everything changes when Janice uncovers an odd doll in Annabelle’s old room, and an evil is released.

As it turns out, when the Mullins lost their daughter they were unable to cope with the grief. Turning to the spirit world, they tried to call their daughter back but what they got in returned was more than they had originally bargained for. In fleeting moments they were able to see their daughter and play with her again, but in reality they were interacting with a demon. Once the demon got bored of masquerading as Annabelle, it came after Esther and as a result her face was badly mangled. Samuel Mullins trapped the demon in the doll and hid it away for Janice to find years later, awakening the demon once again.

That Demon Though

The story in Annabelle Creation was interesting and I thought the acting was great considering that most of it was coming from young, presumably inexperienced actors. However, the thing that I liked the most about this film was a superficial one—I absolutely loved the way the demon looked in this film. It wasn’t a spirit out to get revenge or your normal run-of-mill serial killer, it was a demon. As in from Hell. And it certainly looked like one. At first the demon possessed inanimate things, like the doll and a scarecrow, but eventually you will see it; a head-to-toe burned black, emaciated boy with horns and goat-like ears. For these reasons I give Annabelle Creation five out of five stars.


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