Horror Movie Cleanse: Prince of Darkness

The following is in response to the film Prince of Darkness, written by John Carpenter  and starring Donald PleasenceLisa Blount, and Jameson Parker.

prince of darkness

Tagline: “Before man walked the earth…it slept for centuries. It is evil. It is real. It is awakening.”

Prince of Darkness is the story of Brian Marsh, a prominent science student. Brian, along with many of his fellow alumni, are summoned to participate in a research project, but they are given little to no information on what they will be doing. Among the students participating in the project is Catherine Danforth, who Brian is crushing over badly. They soon find out that the research that they will be performing will be on a strange object in a hidden underground worship den in the basement of an abandoned church. Though things seem to be going well, they are attracting some unwanted attention; soon the church is surrounded by a horde of homeless men and women that kills anyone that tries to leave.

As it turns out, the ancient artifact that was being kept secret in the church basement is a sentient virus-like substance of biblical proportions. This substance of nightmares is going to bring back Satan. It starts its transformation when it attaches itself to some of the students, compelling them to kill the others. When one of the possessed begins summoning the prince of darkness through a mirror, Catherine takes actions into her own hands. Catherine pushes the possessed woman through the mirror-portal, casting herself through the portal as well in a sacrifice that leaves Brian devastated.

How Possession Works

I am not a huge fan of films that are backed by religion, partly because I am not a big believer but more so because these films seem to scare me the most. Just thinking about The Devil Inside sends chills down my spine and sets the hairs on the back of neck on end. However, this film does have many interesting qualities. Possession definitely has its place in the horror genre. I many films, in order for demons and spirits to possess someone they are seen throwing up in their victim’s mouth. For example, in the movie Annabelle Creation Janice is possessed when a demon, disguised as the Mullins dead daughter, vomits into Janice’s mouth.

The Prince of Darkness is interesting because it takes more of a scientific approach to possession. The substance from the artifact gets into one of the student’s bodies and then it spreads like a virus to the others. The student that tries her hands at summoning the prince of darkness through the mirror is seen with a bloated stomach as if she has become pregnant, seemingly with the devil’s baby. For these reasons I give Prince of Darkness three out of five stars.


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