Horror Movie Cleanse: Dead End

The following is in response to Dead End, written by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa, starring Ray WiseLin Shaye, and Mick Cain.

dead end

Tagline: “Read the signs.”

Dead End is the story of the Harringtons, a normal middle class American family. The family is composed of parents Frank and Laura, their son Richard, their daughter Marion, with Marion’s boyfriend Brad who is also tagging along for the journey. They are headed to Laura’s family to celebrate Christmas when Frank decides to take them on a shortcut that he has never taken before. When everyone in the car falls asleep, Frank inadvertently nods off as well, nearly running the car off the road. Following this minor mishap in which no one was injured, strange things began to happen.

Frank spots a woman in white on the side of the road holding a bundled up baby. They give this mysterious woman, who doesn’t speak, a ride to a nearby cabin. While everyone else is out of the car except for Marion’s boyfriend, Brad finds out that the woman in white is actually holding a dead baby. Moments later a black hearse drives past and the family is horrified to see Brad trapped inside. They get back in the car to drive to the next town for help, but the road never ends—they pass the same signs and the same cabin multiple times as if they were in an endless loop. One by one the family members are taken in the black hearse; Richard, then Laura, and finally Frank.

Confessions Of The Dead

As it turns out, the family are already dead. When Frank fell asleep at the wheel they actually crashed, killing everyone but Marion, including an oncoming car with the woman in white and her baby. During this hellish car ride, which we assume that Marion dreamed up as she was recovering in the hospital, the characters confess to sins that they have been keeping secret. I liked the idea that there is a space between death and passing on in which we are able to confess our sins. For these reasons I give Dead End five out of five stars.

Passenger Confession
Frank Frank has had problems with drinking in the past. When he discovers a bottle of alcohol in the trunk of the car he reverts back to old habits.
Laura Delirious after the death of her son, Laura confesses that Frank is not Richard’s father and that she committed adultery.
Richard This rebellious teen admits that he smokes pot. He also masturbates in the woods, which isn’t a confession but rather something he probably shouldn’t be doing at the time.
Marion Marion confesses that she is pregnant and plans on leaving Brad.
Brad Brad plans on asking Marion to marry him. This isn’t a negative thing, but he confesses this to the woman in white when they are alone in the car.

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