Needful Quotes

The following are quotes from Stephen King’s Needful things.

download.jpg“At fifty-one you had to keep running just to escape the avalanche of your own past.” (p. 99)

“Brian had uncovered one of the great truths of small towns: many secrets—in fact, all the really important secrets—cannot be shared. Because word has a way of getting around, and getting around fast.” (p. 111)

“She didn’t like lying to Alan; she believed that lies and love rarely went together, and never for long.” (p. 220)

” ‘We call this store Endsville,’ the voice said. ‘Because it’s the place where all goods and services terminate.’ ” (p. 254)

” ‘Men and women who can’t get over the past,’ Aunt Evvie said. ‘That’s what ghosts are. Not them.’ She flapped her arm toward the coffin which stood on its bands beside the coincidentally fresh grave. ‘The dead are dead. We bury them, and buried they stay.’ ” (p. 304)

” ‘When you deal with me,’ Mr. Gaunt said, winding up to throw, ‘you want to remember two things: Mr Gaunt knows best…and the dealing isn’t done until Mr. Gaunt says the dealing’s done.’ ” (p. 331)

“He had known it would, just as  he knew that some tears have to be cried no matter what the hour—until they are, they simply rave and burn inside.” (p. 421)

“Mr. Gaunt steepled his fingers under his chin. ‘Perhaps it isn’t even a book at all. Perhaps all the really special things I sell aren’t what they appear to be. Perhaps they are actually gray things with only one remarkable property—the ability to take shapes of those things which haunt the dreams of men and women.’ He paused, then added thoughtfully: ‘Perhaps they are dreams themselves.’ ” (p. 473)

“Sonny Jackett and Leland Gaunt—just a couple of grinning men of the world.” (p.572)

“Because every choice had consequences. Because in America, you could have anything you wanted, just as long as you could pay for it. If you couldn’t pay, or refused to pay, you would remain needful forever.” (p. 587-588)

“Some went running, with the wide eyes of men and women who have glimpsed a frightful fiend licking its chops in the shadows.” (p. 748)

“Times changed; methods changed; faces, too. But when the faces were needful they were always the same, the faces of sheep who have lost their shepherd, and it was with this sort of commerce that he felt most at home, most like that wandering peddler of old, standing not behind a fancy counter with a Sweda cash register nearby but behind a plain wooden table, making change out of a cigar box and selling them the same item over and over and over again.” (p. 748-749)

“He looked down and saw that he was still holding it. He opened his hand and it fell to the kitchen linoleum, making a bloody splatter there. He stood looking at this splatter for almost a full minute with a kind of idiot attention. It looked to him like a sketch of his father’s face drawn in blood.” (p. 780)

“Aunt Evvie! Polly cried in her dream. A vast delight and an even vaster relief—that relief we only know in happy dreams, and in the moment of waking from horrid ones—filled her like light.” (p. 858)

“I wanted so badly for the pain to be gone, Alan. That was what I wanted, but I don’t need it to be gone. I can love you and I can love life and bear the pain all at the same time. I think the pain might even make the rest better, the way a good setting can make a diamond look better.” (p. 913-914)


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