A (Cat’s) Cradlefull of Quotes

The following are quotes from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, the twenty-seventh and final book that I read this year.

9k“She fired me. I shall never forget her. She believed that God liked people in sailboats much better than He liked people in motorboats. (4-5)”

“The fat woman’s expression implied that she would go crazy on the spot if anybody did anymore thinking. (33)”

‘He shuddered, “Sometimes I wonder if he wasn’t born dead. I never met a man that was less interested in the living. Sometimes I think that’s the trouble with the world: too many people in high places who are stone-cold dead.” (68)’

‘”She broke my heart. I didn’t like that much. But that was the price. In this world, you get what you pay for.” (128)’

‘”A pissant is somebody who thinks he’s so damn smart, he never can keep his mouth shut. No matter what anybody says, he’s got to argue with it. You say you like something and, by God, he’ll tell you why you’re wrong to like it. A pissant does his best to make you feel like a boob all the time. No matter what you say, he knows better.” (130)’

‘”I think, therefore I am, therefore I am photographable.” (151)’

‘Newt remained curled in the chair. He held out his painty hands as though a cat’s cradle were strung between them. “No wonder kids grow up crazy. A cat’s cradle is nothing but a bunch of X’s between somebody’s hands, and little kids look and look and look at all those X’s…” (165-166)’

‘He faced the sheet of water that curtained the cave. “Maturity, the way I understand it,” he told me, “Is knowing what your limitations are.” (198)’

“So I wrote my speech in a round, bare room at the foot of a tower. There was a table and a chair. And the speech I wrote was round and bare and sparsely furnished, too. (225)”

“When a man becomes a writer, I think he takes on a sacred obligation to produce beauty and enlightenment and comfort at top speed. (231)”

‘”I wonder what happened to a lot of things,” said Angela. The question echoed back through time—woeful and lost. (249)”


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I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and a bachelors in Writing and Linguistics.
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