Roadwork Quotes

The following are quotes from the book Roadwork by Stephen King, which was the twenty-second book that I read this year.


He said: “I can’t explain. I listened to myself. But people talk a different language inside. It sounds like the worst kind of shit if you try to talk about it. But it was the right thing.” (136)

The moments he spent there were becoming very important to him—he suspected that in an obscure way, the moments spent on the observation platform were recharging him, keeping him tied to a world of at least half-sanity. (159)

In those moments he felt his self pulsing in the warm indifference of the early winter evening, a real person, perhaps still whole. (160)

The girl’s green eyes were very wide, and for a moment he fell into them and saw out of them and the perfect empathy that comes to human beings at mercifully infrequent intervals. (170)

Only one thing that bothers me, and that’s a feeling I get from time to time that I’m a character in some bad writer’s book and he’s already decided how things are going to turn out and why. It’s easier to see things that way, even, than to blame it on God—what did he ever do for me, one way or the other? No, It’s this bad writer, it’s his fault. (268)

All of it was inside him, but he had been honestly unaware that his thoughts were changing him so deeply, so irretrievably. (283)

The fucking you got was never worth the screwing you took. (405)

He closed his eyes and his last thought was that the world was not exploding around him but inside him, and while the explosion was cataclysmic, it was not larger than, say, a good-sized walnut. (406)


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  1. ohthecrownshewears says:

    So good, I really enjoy his books!

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