Your Twin Fantasies I-III

The following is in response to the Dragonlance Legends trilogy, written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.


The Dragonlance Legends trilogy is made up of Time of The Twins, War of The Twins, and Test of The Twins and were books four, five, and six of my goodreads reading challenge this year. The twins in question are Raistlin Majere (a mage with hourglass-pupils) and Caramon Majere (a seasoned warrior).

In the first leg of our journey with the twins, Raistlin and his brother—along with a cleric and a Kender—go back in time. They are close to the cataclysm, an event in which the gods destroyed a city called Istar. Raistlin is hellbent on becoming a god and the others are out to save him from becoming dark. In the second novel, Raistlin has taken over the tower of a dark mage called Fistandantilus. Meanwhile his brother is caught fighting in a war accompanied by the cleric. The Kender Tas, who has a knack for getting into trouble, has inadvertently gotten himself stuck in the abyss. Finally, Raistlin and the cleric go to the abyss to defeat the queen so that Raistlin may become a god.

It’s a journey of epic proportions and a great read for you fantasy fanatics out there like me.


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I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and a bachelors in Writing and Linguistics.
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