No Country For Old Men


“I always thought that when I got older that God would sort of come into my life in some way. He didn’t. I don’t blame him. If I was him I’d have the same opinion about me that he does” (267).

No Country For Old Men is officially the longest piece of minimalism that I have read. I found it interesting that even though there are no quotes for dialogue I was not confused as to what was going on.On the surface of Cormac McCarthy‘s book, it is about a drug deal that went wrong and what followed when someone happened by the scene and took the case of dirty money. Swimming beneath the waves is a much, much bigger fish.

No Country For Old Men is an account of one man’s experience with America and how it affects people. This man is Vietnam War veteran Sheriff Bell, who feels guilty for having a Purple Heart for participating in war. “This country will kill you in a heartbeat and still people love it. You understand what I’m saying? (271)” With the hundreds of innocent people killed by US drones, yes, I think I understand. Psychopath Anton Chigurh takes peoples lives and doesn’t seem to flinch when he is hurt. He doesn’t even need a doctor when his leg is ripped open; he can take care of himself. This is the type of person America makes when it does not allow its citizens to bear witness to the pain it is causing around the world.

Do you know what I’m saying?


About evinhughes

I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and a bachelors in Writing and Linguistics.
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