Captain Abu Raed

Captain Abu Raed (Arabic: كابتن أبو رائد) is a 2007 Jordanian Film directed and written by Amin Matalqa.

Captain Abu Raed is a gem of a film for the nation of Jordan! The film is about what it means to truley be generous. Abu Raed, a janitor at the airport in Amman, is still mourning the death of his young son and wife when he finds an abandoned captain’s hat at the airport. When he is seen wearing the captain’s hat in his impoverished neighborhood, the neighborhood children think him an actual pilot and ask him to recant his stories. Abu Raed tries to deny being a captain at first, but eventually becomes a raconteur to all the children with made up adventures.

Abu Raed exemplifies what it means to give—he gave his money to one of the neighborhood kids, Tareq, so that he could go to school instead of selling wafers on the street; he gave his time to the children to give them hope with his stories; and for Murad, one of the older kids in the neighborhood whose father was abusive and an alcoholic, he gave his life. Because of Abu Raed’s sacrifice, Murad was able to become a captain at the airport when he grew up. Therefore, the film is about the affects of violence in the home; Abu Raed is a nonviolent force that gives his life to stop the violence in Murad’s home.

Another aspect of the film is about the pressure of women to get married. Nour, who Abu Raed meets through working at the airport, is pressured by her father to get married, but Nour doesn’t want to be subservient. In the end, she helps Abu Raed get Murad (along with his mother and younger brother, the other victims of his father) to safety—her home. It is suggested that she doesn’t get married; she spends her life taking care of Murad and his family, leading to Murad becoming a captain himself.


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