Quotes from The Wars We Inherit

The following are some of the awesome quotes from Dr. Lori E. Amy’s book “The Ware We Inherit: Military Life, Gender Violence, and Memory.”

“To make a ‘soldier’ is a hyped-up, supercharged process of man making to the tenth power.” p. 128 “The Ware We Inherit” by Dr. Lori E. Amy

“I am split, divided into two being: one who is afraid of the monsters in the haunted house, crying, unable to stop, and one who watches my frightened, crying self self like one watches a play being performed.” (p. 39)

“The skin at the top of my skull contracts and cinches up the rest of the skin down my head, on my neck across my my shoulders, down to the small of my back. . . I spend days in an insomniac blur.” (p. 52)

“The binding problem is the central enigma of consciousness—the question of how the brain brings all the scattered fragments of sensory data and neural firing together into integrated images and generates a coherent understanding of self and world.” (p. 66)

“Without a community of seeing, we are locked into violences we cannot escape.” (p. 69)

“In very real ways, to write this book has been a process of returning to that house to continue the work of letting go of old meanings, old ways of being. The dreaming, the writing, the mourning are all part of the same work or liberating new possibilities for a future that I have to imagine differently.” (p. 81)

“Past events ‘ become more and more distorted in their silent retention and pervasively invade and contaminate the survivors daily life. The longer the story remains untold, the more distorted it becomes in the survivor’s conception of it.’ ” (p. 83, Dori Laub)

“I swore I would not live fucked-up in secret anymore.” (p. 99)

“I still think about Jimmy, Beth, Lisa—all the students who taught me. It is not too much to say that I ‘love’ them. Love like gratitude, compassion. Love like a mirror that shows me what I cannot see in myself, by myself. Love like the guideposts that point, not to the destination, but at least to the direction for a future. My students teach me that living differently is a possibility. And they give me the responsibility of looking for this different way, even when—especially when—I lose my own capacity for hope.” (p. 118)

“To make a ‘soldier’ is a hyped-up, supercharged process of man making to the tenth power.” (p. 128)

“A boy’s first war is against himself, against what is soft and weak in him—his emotion, his vulnerability, his tenderness.” (p. 137)

“Thrusting the sexual appendage (the penis) deep into the body of the victim can be perversely linked to thrusting the killing appendage (a bayonet or knife) deep into the body of the victim.” (pp.146-47, Grossman)

“The cum shot. Abu Ghraib.” (p. 149)

“We ignore the insanity of a social order in which the sexual danger we warn them about is considered ‘ normal.’ ” (p. 153)

“Morning, though, can lead us through our pain and to compassion, love, hope.” (p. 160)

“I don’t remember a time when Bernie’s teeth weren’t rotted out of her mouth, jagged black half-stumps dotting the top and bottom of her front jaw, the black nubs at the back of her jaw ground down the the gum.” (p. 183)

“Our wars breed each other, over and over and over. Proliferating, escalating, until, finally, we are on the brink of causing our own extinction.” (p. 187)

“But we are, by nature ‘ neither good nor evil, or else [we] are both at once; selfishness and altruism are equally innate.’ ” (p. 188)


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