Arben Theodhosi (Part 2)

Artwork by Arben Theodhosi, accessed via

In another email, Petro told me about his favorite Theodhosi painting:

“First off, all I see [is] a woman, some red and some dark spots. The face and the body [of] a woman usually represent something pure, something innocent and also represent[s] the figure off a mother. As about the red spots, they show us sacrifices, angst, emotional destruction, blood and the black spots represent fear, chaos, suffering, death. So if we look [at] the artwork in a general aspect, I say that I see a mother emotionally destroyed in angst, making sacrifices, living in fear, facing the chaos and suffering every day by that time’s regime. We can also say that all the Albanians [were] in this situation.”

During a lecture in class we discussed a Swiss psychiatrist by the name of Carl Jung. This guy—quite some time ago—defined five archetypes, or universally understood symbols, that everyone experiences (differing sometimes by culture). Two of these personal archetypes are the Anima and the Animus. Jung says that the soul of every man is a woman, the Anima, and the soul of every woman is a man, the Animus. So, I believe, aside from what we can get out of the artwork—suffering, chaos, fear—Arben is trying to recreate his Anima; he is painting his soul.


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One Response to Arben Theodhosi (Part 2)

  1. emmabolden says:

    Ooh — really interesting stuff here! I’m completely fascinated by Jung, and planning to check out these paintings!


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