Writing the Body & Sexing the Body

This is my response to Anne Fausto-Sterling’s “Sexing the body.”

In my Writing the Body class, we discussed many wonderful things. The focus of our discussion was the idea of the  enemy. As I understand it, human emotions are built off of a good/bad system from when we are infants. The “good feeling state” is a state of emotion that we fall into when we are happy, more or less. For example, if I get an A in my Advanced Creative Nonfiction class then I will be happy and in a good feeling state. The “bad feeling state” is just the opposite. For example, if I got an F in my Advanced Creative Nonfiction class—impossible!—then I would definitely not be happy and therefore in a deep, deep bad feeling state.

Furthermore, we place all those negative feelings from the bad feeling state on an object or objects, creating an enemy. In chapter five of Anne Fausto-Sterling’s “Sexing the Body,” Sterling writes, “some psychologists believe that men and women use their brains differently” Note that these are mainly male psychologists that are suggesting that men are inherently smarter than woman. However, the truth is that men, afraid of being called stupid themselves, something that would stir up feelings in that bad feeling state category, place their fear on woman by making such statements—making them enemies. Sterling adds, “If one buys this story…then one can argue that it makes no sense to develop a social policy calling for equal representation of men and women…” In this scenario, men has used a defense mechanism, to combat their fears, called projecting.

Ask yourself—how does racism play into this? Sexism? What is Devil but an object of which we place all of our bad feeling states. God?


About evinhughes

I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and a bachelors in Writing and Linguistics.
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One Response to Writing the Body & Sexing the Body

  1. emmabolden says:

    This entry just made my brain spin with thoughts. Thank you for that!


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